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Uniquely Designed Electric Violin with Case Bow and Accessories

Uniquely Designed Electric Violin with Case Bow and Accessories

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This 4/4, full size electric violin equipped with headphones and so much more, you can create beautiful music any time and place that you like without disturbing others.

Uniquely Designed Electric Violin with Case Bow with Accessories features adjustable mix capabilities.

The special color design makes these beautiful musical instruments stand out from traditional electric violins.

With attention to detail, the hand-carved solid spruce body features ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners

Pick-up system: DV-9 active pick-up, with tuners of volume and tone, sockets of line out, mic and phone, on-off.

** Unlike classical/acoustic violins, Electric violins need to amplify through an external device such as an amp or speakers.**


  • Weight: approx 5 lbs
  • Size: 23 inches
  • Maroon, Blue, White, Black, Red
  • Material of panels: Basswood< Material of strings: Aluminum alloy.
  • Package Includes:
  • 1x Electric Violin
  • 1Set of Rosin(boxed)
  • 1x Violin Case
  • 1x Connecting Cord
  • 1x Set Earphones*

*Please allow 2-4 wks for delivery*

  • Face Material: Basswood
  • Bow Material: Brazil Wood
  • Tailpiece Material: aluminumalloy
  • Size: 4/4 - Full 
  • Fingerboard Material: Ebony
  • Back / Side Panels Material: Basswood
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