Gold Band Design Pleated Albs - Cossacks Clerical Vestments

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These gold band design pleated albs - cossacks clerical vestments feature beautiful gold band accents on both designs with one featuring  wheat, grape and IHS inspirational pattern. Comfortable raised collar opens with Christian cross tab zipper closure. Pleating on each side allows for roomy comfortable fit.

  • Sizes:
  • Small (22.2 in sleeve) Robe's total length is 44.9 inches 
  • Medium (22.6 in sleeve) Robe's total length is 46.8 inches 
  • Large (23 in sleeve) Robe's total length is 48.8 inches 
  • XLarge (23.4 in sleeve) Robe's total length is 50.7 inches 
  • Color: Off white
  • Pattern: Gold Banding, Wheat, Grape, IHS
  • Material: Polyester